Water Walkers

Walking on water is no longer a miracle – it’s a thrilling reality with Irvin Leisure’s water walkers! Safe and enjoyable for all ages and sizes, this superb attraction invites you to jump into giant zorb-like balls and run across water, creating friendly competition as you float, turn, and splash your way around. And here’s the best part – you stay completely dry!

Key Highlights

  • Giant Zorb-Like Balls: Step into giant zorb-style balls and enjoy the sensation of walking on water. It’s an experience that combines laughter, excitement, and a touch of friendly competition.
  • Safe and Fun for All Ages: water walkers are designed to be safe and enjoyable for participants of all ages and sizes. It’s a family-friendly adventure that brings people together.
  • Inflatable Pools For Any Location: Irvin Leisure provides inflatable outdoor and indoor pools, allowing you to roll around on the water in a human hamster ball. Whether it’s the privacy of your own garden or a lively festival, fete, family fun day, or corporate event, the water walkers add a splash of fun to any setting.
  • Fun For Adults & Children: Capture the attention and thrill guests of all ages with the exciting and entertaining experience of walking on water. It’s a unique attraction that promises laughter and memorable moments.


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I would like to thank you for making our event such a success.

Emma Earl - Guiding Event Organiser

I would like to thank you for the brilliant job you and your team did for our event. We are very pleased and our clients are more than happy.

Tom - Planet Gold