Irvin Leisure invites you to experience the anticipation of Alpine sports with the magnificent Matterhorn funfair ride. Perfect for thrill-seekers and adventure enthusiasts, the Matterhorn brings the excitement of bobsleigh to your festival, fête, or corporate event. 

Mountain Madness: The  Matterhorn ride features swinging cars that travel along an uneven, circular path. This design creates a dynamic and unpredictable ride experience, similar to navigating the slopes of the Alps.

Thrills, Spills, & Security: While the Matterhorn offers a heart-pounding experience, safety is our top priority. The ride is meticulously engineered and maintained to ensure a thrilling yet safe and secure experience for every rider.

Slip Sliding Carriages: Riders can sit alone or with a partner in the cars, which slide and rotate around the raised and angled track. As the speed increases, so does the excitement, providing a truly gripping ride.

Switch It Up: For an added element of surprise, the ride operator can change the direction of travel on-demand, switching to backwards travel and doubling the thrill.

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At Irvin Leisure, we know that planning an event is a complicated task, which is why we do our best to take as much off of your hands as possible. Our highly experienced team will take care of the transport, assembly, operation and disassembly of the Matterhorn ride, so you can focus on hosting with the mostest.

We also understand that every event is unique, and will be happy to discuss any customisation or bespoke packages with you; such as adapting the Matterhorn to fit the theme of your event, whether it’s Alpine-inspired or something entirely different.

Alternatively, you could explore the Matterhorn’s promotional potential by using the fearsome ride as a platform for branding, transforming it into a dynamic advertisement for your company or cause.

As with all of our rides, the Matterhorn undergoes regular independent third-party health and safety testing through regulatory body ADIPS, and comes complete with our £10 million Public Liability Insurance. So you can rest assured there will be thrills – but no danger!

Elevate your event with the adventurous and thrilling Matterhorn. Contact Irvin Leisure now to add this fast and furious ride to your next event.

I would like to thank you for making our event such a success.

Emma Earl - Guiding Event Organiser

I would like to thank you for the brilliant job you and your team did for our event. We are very pleased and our clients are more than happy.

Tom - Planet Gold