Children’s Chair-O-Planes

Take a flight down Memory Lane with the nostalgic fairground classic, the chair-o-planes, also known as the flying chairs or chair swing ride. 

These magnificent flying chairs were originally invented by Harry Guy Traver in 1904, giving fairgoers a tantalising taste of flight just months after the Wright brothers first took to the skies.

Perfect for Children: Our child-sized chair-o-planes are the ideal choice for keeping young ones entertained. The gentle spinning motion and the sensation of flying through the air will keep your young ones entertained. 

Old-Fashioned Good Looks: If you’re looking to add vintage charm to your children’s event, then the chair-o-planes are perfect for you. They’re just as picturesque as a mini carousel [LINK] but offer a bit more speed and sensation. 

Versatile Options for All Ages: While the child-sized version is perfect for the little ones, older children and adults needn’t miss out on the fun! If you’re seeking a bit more adventure, consider our vintage-style wave swinger [LINK] – a larger chair-o-planes variation that tilts as it spins, providing an extra level of excitement. There’s also our modern star flyer [LINK] which takes you soaring much higher into the sky, offering your guests breathtaking views of your event. 

Like all of our rides and attractions, the chair-o-planes are supplied with transport, staff, lighting and all necessary equipment and paperwork, making them ideal for:

  • Birthday parties
  • School fêtes, functions and founder’s days
  • Christmas fairs
  • Corporate events
  • Festivals



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