Big Wheels

This ride is known as the Ferris wheel in America after George Washington Gale Ferris Jr, who built a particularly impressive one that was aimed to rival the Eiffel Tower for the 1893 Chicago World’s Fair. However, in the UK it is better-known as the big wheel, a name that we prefer as Ferris Jr did not invent the ride!

Whatever you prefer to call it, this has to be one of the most popular fairground rides in the world. It even has its own emoji! šŸŽ”

This gentle ride is ideal for families and children who want a sedate ride. The big wheel is also perfect for Valentineā€™s Day events: what could be more romantic than holding hands and snuggling together as you look out across the skyline?Ā 

The beautiful traditional styling of the big wheel makes it very popular for weddings. We think you can agree that it looks great in photos!

Our Ferris wheels come in three different full sizes – plus a special childrenā€™s version for little ones who might be nervous about heights. Ā See below for more details.Ā 

Our booking package includes everything you need: All paperwork including insurance and regular third-party independent testing, transport, assembly and disassembly, professional staff and lighting

We can also tailor the big wheel to fit your wedding colours or corporate branding. Contact Irvin Leisure today to discuss booking the big wheel for your event.

Choose your ride

Take your pick from the Classic Big Wheel (size 1) with its bright and cheerful styling, the Big Wheel (size 2) with its baroque elegance and glamorous looks, or go really big with the Giant Wheel (size 3). This giant observation wheel makes a big statement and will draw in curious crowds from across the largest event.Ā 

Children's Mini Wheel

Discover the enchantment of the children’s mini wheel, a scaled-down version of the iconic big wheel that brings the joy and excitement of this classic ride to young fairgoers. Ideal for those with limited space or smaller children at their event, the children’s mini wheel promises a delightful experience at a fraction of the cost and space!

Thank you so much to you and the guys for yesterday! It was such an incredible day and the wheel just looked AMAZING!

Natasha Keenes

The ride crew were very helpful and the views from the top were amazing.

Samantha Hughes