Welcome to 2010

Welcome to 2010As both our readers will know, at this time of year we traditionally wish the three of you a very happy new year, and look forward to 2010 with confidence and hope! We also run quickly through some of the highlights of the year gone by and try and select an image that we think reflects the year.

2009 was a difficult year for the economy as you all appreciate, and we found that many clients appreciated the value for money entertainment that we can provide. This was as true of our corporate clients as our regular visitors to the public festivals that we so much enjoy. Certainly our public side opened 2010 in the same place as they opened 2009, Shepherds Bush and Hyde Park, for two fabulous festivals which you can read about on our past events section. Wonderful events, and some great images too.

Indeed at the end of 2009 our Christmas party partners were thriving with their fantastic value functions, including at Eastbourne again after a short break as well as 20 other venues in and around the south east of England. Fabulous times for everyone and a little much needed income for the Irvin coffers too!

We were thrilled to re introduce the Hackney Festival in east London and to run this on behalf of Kids Company, a great charity we were proud to support. We also enjoyed enormously the Carnival del Pueblo, our favourite mispelt event and one that I particularly look forward to as I love seeking out the photos you will find on the events page!

Our Victorian range of games and equipment has been much in demand, and whilst people demand authentic Victorian attractions we have to point out that most items at a Victorian Fair would now be illegal, and all of them probably immoral, our Carousels, giant Helter Skelter and games and stalls are all available to you for great value prices. There is a superb photo of our Victorian Carousel and Helter Skelter in Hyde Park on the news story showing the famous faces who visited us there.

We continued to provide a wide range of attractions through the year, and perhaps the highlight as you can see from the photo was the superb setting of Manchester Airport’s Concorde hanger which was a thrilling and unusual venue for us.

We wish you a very successful 2010 and thank you for your following in the past. We also want to thank our clients and the local authorities with whom we work week in and week out to provide the best entertainment you can find.