We put the FUN in functions!

For many years we have been thrilled to provide entertainment for weddings, celebrations and children’s parties all round the country. Sometimes proud parents will hire in a Tea Cup Ride or Toy Set to place in their back garden and provide hours of fun for happy children. Many parties are enhanced by our Trampolines, or Bungees. Bigger homes have even added Dodgems or larger rides, and dozens each year take our Coconut Shies and Games or our Candy Floss Stall, with unlimited stock included. Once you book us you know you have no worries or concerns as we provide staff, professional support services and take care of all health and safety matters plus entertain the little darlings!

To be honest not many people have the space or the budget of a famous British Artist who has three young children and who recently hired in Dodgems, Roller Coaster, Racing Track and much more for two days of family fun, all selected by the youngsters themselves. We will not name this famous person but suffice it to say that his works are heavily featured at Tate Modern and he is a household name!

However you do not need to hire in a full fairground to have fun. We have added Carousels to celebrations, Waltzers to weddings and Afterburners to anniversaries. Our games have generated enjoyment whilst our catering units have made sure that guests have been fed up in the best possible way. Indoors, outdoors, we can work anywhere and have adapted all your favourite fairground games to work inside your home, hotel or hall.

Now we have gone one step further and are proud to feature the latest addition to our extensive range of equipment, up and ready for you to book, and that is the Indoor Dodgem Set as shown in the photo above. We have always been pleased to carry in to buildings the normal outdoor dodgem tracks and build them up, but our new indoor tracks are better as they have no roof above them and have a clear view for all outside to watch them operate. This unit can also fit into the smallest area and be adapted to space you have available

So that is why you should let us put the fun in your function, because nobody wants to attend a ction do they! Talk to us about the type of event you are running, the space you have and the budget you want to spend, then we can advise you fully to give you the best entertainment and the best value.