Riddle Infusion’s Little Piggy and Fiona’s Fabulous Fairground Photos.

We have had some photos sent by Fiona Simpson, an Art Student from Chiswick College, who took some pictures whilst we were at Clapham Common recently and we wanted to share with you all. Or you both perhaps!

Now a ride from Riddle Infusion, who we really do suspect are pupils at Edenside! This is another fun ride for you to enjoy. We hope the Little Piggy Went to the Funfair too.

We are writing to you to show you our topic work. The ride we made was called this Little Piggy and the nursery rhyme is This Little Piggy Went to market. It was made by Riddle Infusion. In the group there is Ajay,  Aimee, Amber, Rory, Craig and also Daniel. It took us about a month to build so we hope you like it. We have attached some pictures for you.

From Riddle Infusion.

Great designs and well done to you all.