Irvin’s get stamp of approval for film work!

From time to time we are asked to provide equipment as a background for unusual films or photo shoots, but only rarely are we part of an activity that is making history! Such an occasion is the Royal Mail’s launch of their new range of stamps celebrating 50 years of Hammer Films and the Carry on Series. Actually, some people might look at us and automatically think of Hammer House of Horror and Carry on up the Khyber, but that is neither here nor there! The reason this is an historic occasion is that it is the first time that living non royal people will be featured on Royal Mail Stamps and Christopher Lee is featured in this new series. Fangs a lot Christopher.

We are providing a superb Ghost House for this event to serve as a backdrop for the grand launch in Birmingham and are delighted so to do. We understand that some fans of the movies have complained that the stamps, which reproduce famous film posters, are “terrible” because they are too small, but frankly we would rather have a slightly unclear reproduction on our envelopes than spend hours licking a 48 sheet poster and wrapping it 25 times round our letters! Slow the postman down a bit too.

I also want to update you a bit more on our other film work so far this year, which started way back in January when Silent Witness was filmed at our Winter Fair in Barham Park. Those of you familiar with Silent Witness will know how a dedicated team of forensic scientists manage to solve complex crimes within one hour with the flimsiest of clues. Just like real life. Hmm.

We have also provided the backdrop for a photo shoot for Marks and Spencers as part of their most impressive and award winning clothing campaign but my offer to act as an underwear model was surprisingly rejected. Cannot think why. For those of you needing fairground items as film props or for still shots why not have a look at our annual timetable of fairs and come and see us in action? You may find that shooting the film on site would be much more economical than hiring rides and taking them to a studio. Contact us now and we will be delighted to help. I am still available for the lingerie shots. Not compulsory though.