Irvin Leisure on the curriculum.


We love to hear from schools who are undertaking projects related to funfairs as they are such an important part of leisure and have been for hundreds of years. We know that a lot of young people are doing projects for GCSE as many of them email us and ask for information which we are always delighted to provide.

However we were particularly pleased to hear from Years 5 and  6 of St Matthias C of E Primary School in Hackney who asked if they could visit our fair whilst we were in Lea Bridge Road as they will be be using Funfairs in science, History and Art Topics. They emailed to thank us afterwards and said they enjoyed the trip and also sent us these wonderful images, and will be providing more details on their projects as they progress.

So watch this space to hear more about the work of St Matthias C of E Primary School, and love their designs!