Great project in Chiswick


Whilst we were recently at our Spring Fair on Turnham Green we were struck by the beautiful new herbal garden that was next to us. We found out that this had been put in by the Friends of Turnham Green themselves and they kindly sent over this photo. They tell us they are going to work on the War Memorial now, and we wanted to congratulate them on this marvellous example of the important work done by local communities. They have also already done the rockeries and the wild flower garden on the west side. We will be sponsoring them all the way too. Floral displays like this are of course vital nowadays, not only to maintain the beauty of London’s wonderful open and green spaces but also to protect insects and other wildlife, so this project is a model as to how local people with a lot of commitment and also hard work, and talent, can make a real difference.

We thought you would be interested in their story so here is what they say:


We were founded 6 years ago but it’s taken a very long time to have an impact.  We began by tackling the 500 buses that were sitting in a permanent traffic jam on Sutton Lane North.  Then we got the derelict buildings on the corner of the west Green (outside the HSBC bank) demolished.  And then the council agreed to fund large scale renovations that have included the new rockery, wild flowers and in July new paths.  The herbal knot garden was mainly funded by the Waitrose Community Matters scheme and we were very grateful to them. 

Above are pictures of the Wild Flower scheme we piloted last year.