Albion at Hampton Court Funfair

“From Garry Stewart”  Albion was made 1944 but never used and when the army released this in 1967 George Irvin’s purchased this and used it to around 1978. To all the people who don’t know, and the few that do. In August 2021 I sold my beloved Albion. I wasn’t actively looking to sell the old girl, but an opportunity came along which I considered was a perfect home for the old girl to go to. I was more than happy to move her on with her going back into the Irvin family’s business. I would like to wish the Irvin family and business the very best wishes for the future in the life of this amazing historical vehicle. The Albion will be unveiled at the Hampton Court Palace Easter Fair on Thursday 14th April 2022, this year. I’ve attached some photos of when she was in service with the Irvin family, and from when I purchased her in 2003. I’m sorry I can’t post all the photos of the new livery just yet, you will have to wait until the unveiling on the 14th April. Kind regards, Garry Stewart.