Proud To Be Part Of A Thought Provoking Drama.

Irvin Leisure is proud to have participated in the thought provoking and moving drama, “A Secret Life”, screened in April on Channel Four. This programme detailed the struggles of a paedophile, released from prison, who wants to control his urges and knows they are wrong but cannot get the support he needs from the system.

The makers of this film approached us with their script, which includes scenes at a fairground where Charlie, the subject of the drama, goes and sees a young girl. He struggles against his feelings in a scene that is pivotal to the plot.

We understood the importance of both the production as a whole and this particular section, but wanted to make sure that it was realistically filmed and did not include any sections that would not be permitted at a properly run fairground. For instance, alcohol cannot be consumed at a fair, and so we worked with the script writer and director to make sure that what was shown was realistic and also fitted in with the needs of the play. Did it work? Well, we leave you with the words of the critic of the Guardian and you can judge for yourself. Irvin Leisure was proud to have worked on this groundbreaking and award winning work.

“This is not easy viewing. The opposite, in fact. There is nothing nice about this film, no winners. The drawn-out scene in which Charlie goes to a fairground and approaches children is more uncomfortable than anything I’ve seen on television – it leaves you knotted-up inside and tense. And angry. Exactly as it’s supposed to. This is serious, strong television. This is what television should be about.”